Advantages of using artificial grass lawns

No watering – Natural lawns will normally require regular watering daily in the morning and in the evening. However, with artificial lawns you don’t need to water them ever unless it is for cleaning purposes which happens occasionally. As such your water consumption will dramatically reduce, which is not only good for your pocket but the environment too.

Safe for Pets and Kids – Artificial lawns are made from non-toxic materials. They also do not require fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and other chemicals. They are therefore much safer for kids and pets than natural grass a reason why most people and even cities prefer them over natural grass.

Low maintenance – Apart from not requiring fertilizers and pesticides, artificial lawns do not require to be mowed or watered either. You will only need to carry out regular cleaning whenever there is need to.

They are durable – Artificial lawns have been constructed with the highest quality synthetic materials that are UV stabilized, fade-free, resilient and highly durable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions all year round but still look great as ever. Their ability to be used in any weather condition also makes them stand out and be preferable over natural lawns.

No more weeds – One of the biggest problems with natural lawns is dealing with weeds. It takes a lot of energy and money to keep those under control. However, with artificial lawns that may be a thing of the past. Yes, you may need to pull them once in a while, but they are less prevalent than with natural lawns.

Disadvantages of artificial grass lawns

Cost – Artificial lawns are expensive to install. You will need to prepare the ground, materials and drainage which require a substantial amount of money. And since they cost per length, if you have a large yard you may end up spending quite a fortune to have them installed.

Temperature –Unlike natural grass, artificial lawns do not have a cooling effect when air temperature is high. This grass absorbs heat and may become even hotter than the surrounding air making them uncomfortable.

What to look for before choosing artificial grass

Overall, artificial grass presents many advantages over natural grass lawns. However, before you make a purchase decision, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing an artificial grass lawn that will serve your needs best.

a. Feel

Artificial grass is all about how it feels. Hold it, brush it against your legs and arms and know how it feels. A soft, lush feeling is what you should be looking for in artificial grass. You want your kids and pets to be comfortable playing on the grass so this is a major factor you should look out for.

b. Drainage holes

You should take a look at the backing for drainage holes; count and frequency. If you live in an area where rain is frequent, you should go for a rug with plenty of drainage holes so that it doesn’t feel soggy whenever it rains. This also should apply if you plan to you use your artificial grass rug in the pool area where it will be in contact with water frequently.

c. Resilience

Your artificial grass lawn should look slightly different in the morning, afternoon and evening just like natural grass if it is of the highest quality. Put a sample of the grass outside and observe the color variations during these times of the day before settling on the right one.

d. In- Fill

Some artificial grass rugs will require that you add some material such as sand on the top while others don’t. For those that require you should keep in mind that these will be part of your maintenance costs as you will have to replace the in-fill material at some point.

e. Blade height

If you have pets, shorter grass blades will be easier to clean and maintain. Although long grass blades may look and feel lush and lovely, cleaning them is a little bit tricky. Moreover, short blade heights will give your lawn a well-manicured look and is therefore more preferable than longer grass.

f. Durability

Most artificial grass rugs have a guarantee of between 5 to 15 years. This is one factor you should look for before investing in one. If you are looking for a grass lawn to serve you long term, then go for one with a long-term guarantee.

g. Costs

When choosing an artificial grass lawn, there are other costs you need to consider apart from the price of the grass rug. These include preparation costs, grass removal and drainage systems. You should also consider maintenance costs that come with the grass rug you are choosing for your home.

h. Weight and density

The density of a grass lawn is measured as the amount of yarn per square unit of the lawn. Denser lawns have more yarn and are therefore of a higher quality and more expensive. They are also aesthetically more appealing, more durable and will generally not require in-fill when being installed.

i. Color

The best artificial grass lawns come in different shades of green while the cheap ones are flatly green. However, before buying one, you should take a sample of the rug home and see which one will complement your house and décor.

Tips on how to care for and maintain artificial grass

For your artificial grass lawn or patio to maintain a natural and beautiful look, you should care for it on a regular basis. Care and maintenance not only makes your lawn stand out from your neighbors’, it also ensures your artificial grass lawn will last longer. Below are a few tips on how to care for and maintain your artificial grass lawn.

  • Brush them regularly

Depending on the amount of traffic your grass lawn gets, you should brush the grass regularly to keep it in the best condition possible. Brushing keeps the grass fibers upright for longer maintaining a beautiful and natural look on your lawn.

  • Remove leaves and any organic debris

Leaves and organic debris should be removed promptly from your lawn. If left for long, they will decompose and form compost which will not only deteriorate the look of your lawn but also encourage the growth of weeds. You can use a normal leaf blower to clean your lawn or even pick them by hand if that is feasible.

  • Restoring its color

If you use heavy items such as flower pots or inflatable swimming pools on your lawn, they will make the grass fibers to flatten. Therefore, it is important that once such items have been removed, you use a broom with firm bristles to brush the fibers up again so that your lawn is restored to its original natural look.

  • Winter conditions

Although most artificial grass rugs can withstand winter conditions, if an icy layer forms on the grass as a result of snow, it should be left to melt naturally. This is because trying to remove the ice manually will fray and damage the fibers.

  • Fire

Extreme care should be taken to ensure fire and other hot items do not come in contact with the artificial grass lawns. They have the potential of melting the grass which can be expensive to repair and also leave a noticeable difference in your lawn.

  • Weed control

Although weeds are not as prevalent as in natural lawns, they sometimes grow in artificial grass lawns. These however can be easily removed using a rake, brushing or manually picking them up. Because they are not that prevalent, it is advisable to avoid using chemical herbicides on your lawn as much as possible.

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