How environmentally friendly is your lawn? Is it time to rip up grass in favor of a greener alternative?

ABC Science

By environment reporter Nick Kilvert for Life Matters

A woman in the 1960s pushing a lawnmower beside a pool.

Green, manicured front lawns are so ubiquitous in our suburbs that it’s easy not to see them, or to assume that’s just the way we’ve always done things.

After all, they seem natural.

But before the first mechanical lawnmower was invented in 1830, lawns were status symbols, as only the very wealthy who could afford to pay “the help” to mow them with scythes.

They were a statement that said: “I have so much money that I have this spare land that I don’t need to graze sheep or livestock on.”

It’s only been since the 1900s really that the green, manicured monoculture that we know today has been a mainstay of the middle- and working-class homeowner. Read More . . .

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